Love and people

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Paradise Road Practice Essay#1
Posted on July 29, 2013
“Conflict can be a catalyst for change”

Conflict is in many ways a power cause for a domino effect. Having conflict with someone whether it be killing, physical torture or mental abuse will cause something to happen or someone to react in a way that is often not a part of their everyday character. When people are involved in conflict most will come out the other side but often it will change something about them or their inner character. In the film Paradise Road it captures the essence of how different people will change in different ways in order to help themselves and others survive.

Adrienne, the protagonist of the film Paradise Road is a character who after being confronted with conflict becomes bolder and courageous. Adrienne, before her time on Sumatra wasn’t very confident in herself or her thoughts, would believe anything she was told and rarely stood up for herself. After a time in Sumatra being held prisoner by a brutal Japanese Captain in a POW camp she soon becomes bold, smart, willing to stand up for herself and lead others and also help them. Being held within the camp at the beginning of the film she didn’t have enough confidence in herself and didn’t believe that she would be able to lead the others just to sing in their vocal orchestra. By the end of the film after seeing much conflict not only to herself but to those around her as well she was not only confident enough to stand up to the Japanese but to lead the others even in the grimmest of times such as the death of her friend Daisy.

Daisy, the best friend of Adrienne and the seconder leader in the vocal orchestra responded to conflict quite differently in response to the conflict around her. As conflict changes and alters people so that they have a way to continue on and continue to strive and live Daisy needed no such transformation. Despite that conflict is a great catalyst for change, if no such change is required to...
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