Love and Marriage

Topics: Love, Interpersonal attraction, Marriage Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Report on Love and Marriage

Project Summary

This project aims to analyze different pattern of love, examine factors that lead to interpersonal attraction and factors that help sustain a relationship.

Different pattern of love at different stages will be demonstrated and compared with the traditional analysis from Sternberg, R. J. ‘s (1986) Triangular Theory of Love. The reasons behind the change in each component will be analyzed. We also hope to find out some untypical cases and examined the differences. Another focus of the study is the factors that contribute to interpersonal attraction. The commonness and difference of determinants of attraction between males and females will be compared and analyzed based on the evolutionary perspective on mating preferences and parental investment theory. Lastly, we will find out the 10 most important factors for sustaining a happy relationship. The factors for sustaining a loving relationship also will be analyzed in 2 dimensions with 3 different perspectives. They are the similarities and obvious differences between married couples and dating couples, males and females, and aged below 30 and aged equal to or above 30.

Introduce the topic
-Brief description of research question
-Experiment attempting to demonstrate
-Phenomena to study
-Brief history of topic and relation

Summarize previous research
-Journal articles from PsychoInfo or ERIC
-note: author’s name, journal, and date of publication

1. Interpersonal attraction and attitude similarity
The study pointed out the relationship between the attitude similarity and degree of interpersonal attraction based on the reciprocal reward and punishment rational. The congruence of concepts and precepts with partners constitutes a rewarding interaction and hence facilitating the formation of a positive impression as well as relationship, vice versa.

Provide hypothesis
-Explain where the research is lacking or...
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