Love and Lust

Topics: Love, Marriage, Sex, Sexual intercourse, Western culture, Human sexuality / Pages: 5 (1178 words) / Published: Sep 6th, 2013
LOVE! What does this word remind u of? You’re past girlfriend? You’re parents? I bet everybody in this room has their own target. The word LOVE is really complicated, it is sometimes defined as a feeling or maybe an action, but what does love really do? And how does love reflect the book of WE? Love played an important role in the book of we, it made the book rolling on developing feelings and leading to the ending. With the help of the relationship between D-503, O-90 and I-330, and also their actions caused the book to be successful. Zamaytin wanted to use the help of D-503, O-90 and I-330 to bring out a triangular love relationship and to comment on the effects of this relationship. And through the novel “We” to what extent does Zamaytin presented lust and love?

Triangular Love Relationship is a tough and unstable relationship, for your information I have never had one and I’m guessing nobody in this room had tried it, and luckily through the novel “We” we could acknowledge how does a triangular relationship hang on and maybe how tough it feels. D-503 was truly in love with O-90 in Chapters 1-2 and nothing could move the feeling towards O-90 of D-503. Until D-503 met I-330, everything changed and D-503 himself said “The effect of that woman on me was as unpleasant as a displaced irrational number that has accidently crept into an equation.” From the quote, we can see that D-503 thinks that the entrance of I-330 could have ruin relationship of O-90 and him. Even himself could not have thought I-330 could have influence so much throughout the novel, but his feelings from chapter 2 was completely correct.

In a male perspective, a triangular love has no problems since most men would like to enjoy that intensity and love comparing from the two partners he owns. Although it is mean to do so, most men would still have a unspeakable triangular love relationship. In a female perspective, a triangular love relationship is intolerable to a female it symbolizes a

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