Love and Green Lanes

Topics: Love, Walking, Road Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Singara Chennai

It was evening and I literally jumped out of my house for my evening walk. I walked through the green lanes, big gigantic trees planted in parallel; I took in a fresh whiff of air. I walked passed the dustbins that had garbage in it (note: IN it.). I admired the clean roads and felt the cold breeze blow through my hair. I loved my evening walks! Now, please read it all over again and come into the world of reality. I was just describing my SINGARA CHENNAI in my fantasy world or maybe that is showcased in the movie madrasapattinam, where actually, I could be proud of my city. Green lanes? Ha. Big, fat joke.

Trees...? Nonsense! We have no place for them.
No matter what, we keep our dustbins spotlessly clean. No garbage in them. Only around them. Forget about the clean roads and fresh whiffs of air. Not going to happen. Nevertheless, my question is... WHY?

We, Indians, fight for almost anything and everything. Do we ever fight for a cause? In fact, we fight for nothing! From water disputes to bargaining with the auto driver! However, why is it that we never care or even think about our city? Something you can actually bring a change on! Some may say “I like the way my city is...” of course, everybody loves the city they live in. I too am mad in love with my city. It is my city and I love it and it is very obvious that it is my duty to keep it clean and pretty. Wake up Chennai!
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