Love and Following Questions

Topics: Love, Middle Ages, Marriage Pages: 4 (931 words) Published: February 27, 2013


1. Read the Personal Note to answer the following questions: ✓ What do you know about le Mari de France?
✓ When was the given story written?
✓ What do you know about the literature of that period?

2. Read the following text:
"It is not known whether it is a work of imagination but it is probable that love topics were discussed in social gatherings at the courts of great ladies in the medieval epoch. The following rules called Art of Courtly Love were set fourth and decided by Eleanor, Queen of England, Adele, Queen of France, Marie, Countess of Champagne, and Emengarde of Narbonne: 1. Avarice should be avoided.

2. The lover should keep himself chaste for the loved lady.
3. No attempt should be made to break up a correct love affair of other persons. 4. The love of a person whom one would be ashamed to marry should not be sought. 5. Falsehood should be entirely avoided.

6. Few should know of one's love.
7. One should serve Love and the commands of the loved lady obediently. 8. One should be modest in the enjoyment of love.
9. One should speak no evil.
10. A love affair must not be revealed.
11. Politeness and courtesy are required in all things.
12. In the enjoyment of love the desires of the loved one should not be exceeded".

3. Sum up the information you have got from the Personal Note and the text above and characterize the epoch in which the story is set.


General Comprehension.

1. Do a quick reading of the novella. Answer the following questions: ✓ Why did Eliduc make a decision of leaving Brittany?
✓ What promise did he give to his wife on leaving her? ✓ How did Eliduc become a king's favourite?
✓ How did Eliduc get acquainted with Guilliadun?
✓ Did Guilliadun know then that he was married?
✓ Why did Eliduc have to return to Brittany?
✓ Who took the decision to elope? What were the reasons? ✓ What happened at sea?
✓ Who restored Guilliadun to...
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