Love and Bus Ride Home

Topics: Love, 2009 singles, Rihanna Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 6, 2010
Name 10 friends and a song that reminds you of them and why that song makes you think of them. If you get tagged make sure you do it!

1. Nichole
2. Morgan
3. Maggie
4. Lauren
5. Riley
6. Reggie
7. Jenna
8. Tori
9. Caroline
10. Brooke

1. Miss Nichole: Fallin For You by Colbie Calliat because she's fallin hard for a boy that she loves to death!! and she is uber sweet and thinks the world of everyone.

2. Morgan Rae: I'd have to sayy Watcha Say by Jason Derulo because she LOVES that song. It's just a song that kinda fits her style too. A lil rough on the edges ;)

3. MissMaggieNicole: I think offff Happy by Leona Lewis because this chick is a fighter! She'll do anything to just make sure that she is happy. But then I also think of Run This Town by Jay-Z feat. Rihanna. One word: CRAZY! She is wild and loves to run the town. That's fer certain.

4. Lauren Orwig: I think of Down by Jay Sean. She loves that song, but not to mention she loves being down with everyday life. She is super easygoing and is always down with whatever floats your boat. And she's completely in love! ;)

5.MissRileyyy: Well, now there's a toughy. I think of Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship. Por que? Because she danced to it like a crazy woman on our bus ride home after the last softball game.! It made me laugh so hard...!!

6. MissReggie: Well, I happen to think of I Look So Good (Without You) by Jessie James. This girl is the strongest girl I have ever met, and boy she is finding her place in the world. She doesn't need a man, she is awesome on her own! I never doubt her.

7. JBeck: This is easy. I think of Hey, Soul Sister by Train. Why? Because she is easygoing and the beat just reminds me of her style.

8. ToriWells: I totally think offff The Real Thing by Boys Like Girls. Yupp.. We both love this band, AND this song. It's totally 80s but yet totally modern. We jammed out all the time on the bust to it!

9. Carolina!: Haha. Hmm.. I'd have...
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