Love Actually Sociologcal Analysis

Topics: Love, Love styles, Triangular theory of love Pages: 11 (4690 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Love Actually Sociological Analysis

Love Actually (2003), is a romantic comedy/drama that combines over ten romantic tales in one. What makes this a unique ‘chick flick’ is that all of these individual stories have different love styles and relationship types. The movie links these characters together in a series of touching and comedic romances, which end in not one, but many idealistic climaxes on Christmas Eve. The theme of the movie is an elaboration of the title, "Love Actually Is All Around”, meaning that everywhere you look, love is the driving force in people's lives.

The opening scene is people greeting loved ones at the other arrival gate within Heathrow airport, narrated by one of the main characters (the prime minister) about how love is everywhere, and whenever he gets down he thinks of the love shown when people welcome each other at the airport. The first shown character, Billy Mack, is a washed up, rock star who is recording a Christmas version of an old hit single, grudgingly. His character is introduced to be a comedic relief in the film with his sarcastic remarks and tough attitude. The next story shown is the couple of Jamie (a writer), and his girlfriend at the time. Jamie is leaving to attend a wedding but must leave his girlfriend behind, because she is sick. He kisses her goodbye complimenting her and telling her how he “loves her even when she is sick and looks disgusting”, followed by him telling her again that he loves her. Duly noted, she does not say, “I love you” at all, and it seems that she does not feel as strongly as Jamie does. Daniel is a middle-aged man who has just lost his wife, he calls Karan, who is his friend, as he is needing to talk to someone. Karan is then shown talking to her children about their parts in the nativity play. She is introduced as a motherly-type character. Following in this montage of character introductions is Colin, a young horn dog looking to get laid or possibly find love. John and Judy meet as body doubles for sex scenes in a movie where Colin’s best friend Tony is working on the production. The wedding in which several main characters are in attendance is the wedding of Juliet and Peter. Peter’s best friend Mark helped construct multiple out of the ordinary romantic gestures for the wedding, making it look as though Peter had done it out of love for Juliet. Mark and Peter briefly discuss these ‘surprises’ at the alter. David, the newly elected Prime Minister is shown into his living quarters and is introduced to his house staff. It is revealed that he is single, and has no children or wife living with him, unlike the last prime minister. After meeting two of the household staff, he encounters Natalie, a young attractive member of the staff member. There is an instant attraction, where Natalie is nervous and David finds her awkwardness appealing and inconvenient to his job. Back to the wedding, where Juliet and Peter are pronounced husband and wife. Walking out of the church a choir is surprisingly revealed on the balcony singing the Beatle’s “All you need is love.” Throughout the song, random people from the audience pop up and join in playing various instruments. Juliet asks Peter if he was responsible and he say’s no and turns to Mark, who has once again gone above and beyond for the wedding. It is assumed that he is doing this for his best friend, Peter. Jamie returns home from the wedding fleetingly to find that his brother was sleeping with his girlfriend. At the reception Colin is once again hitting on women, unsuccessfully. He then confides in his friend Tony that the reason he can’t find love is that English women are snobs, and he will have a much better chance in America. He plans on traveling there to find love. On the movie set, John and Judy are connecting and flirting, in the strangest circumstance since they are performing intimate actions, in the most non-intimate setting. It’s charming as they are attempting to make an...

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