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By karenglojfdn Feb 25, 2013 349 Words

Notes on Emily Dickinson Poems

This is my letter to the world
Theme- nature holds beauty, truth, love
Speaker – nature lover, poet
Imagery/ Symbols – hands = people of the world
Figurative Lang. – metaphor letter = poem, personification (world cannot write to her) Sound Device – slant rhyme – world and told, dashes – pauses for effect Structure – 2 quatrains
Tone – hopeful
Mood - hopeful

Hope is a thing with feathers
Theme – hope endures, hope sustains us through life’s hardships Figurative Lang – metaphor bird = hope, gale = life’s hardships Sound Devices – slant rhyme – soul/all, dashes for pauses, some rhyme, alliteration, rhythm Imagery/Symbols – gale/storm = hardships, bird = hope, chill, warm, songs all appeal to senses Structure – 3 quatrains

Tone – happy, joyful
Mood – hopeful, gladness

Success is counted sweetest
Theme – victory is sweet when it rarely comes, it is appreciated more fully is you do not experience it often
Figurative Lang. – metaphor victory is success, nectar = victory, extended metaphor – soldier dying but discovering that his side won the war (analogy) Imagery/Symbols – nectar = success, purple host, strains of triumph appeal to Senses, flag = victory

Sound Devices – alliteration, dashes (caesura), rhythm, rhyme Structure – 3 quatrains
Tone – matter of fact, detached
Mood – agreement

Much Madness is divine Sense
Theme – The majority decides what is acceptable (Sense and craziness are relative) Figurative Lang – paradox – madness = sense, sense = madness Imagery/Symbolism – chain = shunned
Sound Devices – alliteration (Much madness), rhyme sane/chain, slant rhyme sense/madness, and dashes. Structure – 1 Octave
Tone – informative, disgusted
Mood – reflective, thoughtful (resentment towards society)

My Life Closed Twice
Theme – death is a part of life, we are all touched by the deaths of people we know Fig. Lang – Life closing = death, paradox life closing is heaven and hell Imagery/Symbols –
Sound Devices – rhyme, dashes
Structure – 2 quatrains
Tone – detached, matter of fact
Mood – depressed

After great pain a formal feeling comes
Theme – grief comes in stages
Fig. Lang. – alliteration, simile nerves …sit like tombs Imagery/Symbolism – chill = shock, stupor = confusion do not want to accept the news, letting go = grieving (crying) Sound Devices – alliteration

Structure –2 quatrains and 1 cinquain
Tone – resigned
Mood - melancholy

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