Louvre and Champs Elise

Topics: Paris, Louvre, Venus de Milo Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: September 17, 2011
Raluca Samples
The best vacation spot is by far...

Talking about the places I’ve been visiting is no doubt why I’ve picked up my favorite one: Paris, the beautiful city of culture, fashion and love. I will always remember with pleasure my one week trip to Paris, in the beautiful summer of 2005. Once I’ve reached Paris I felt like I am in the middle of everything, meaning stunning architecture, unbelievable historical testimonies, but not less modernism. In this mixture of beautiful things, I did not know how to start my dream’s journey. Before I even realized, I found myself in a long line, waiting to access one of the most famous museums in the word: The Louvre. The museum is impressive. Huge rooms, exceeding sized sculptures, large paintings. I saw the masterpieces Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Giaconda. I will mention an interesting sculpture to its conception: four giants placed each in the four corners of a square-shaped space with the rear one against each other, each expressing a state of mind: rebellion, resignation, anger, hope. My next destination was the Eiffel tower…the giant symbol of both Paris and France. With his height of 1063 feet, once I have reached the top level, the view of the entire city just took my breath away; I completely understood why Paris is called “city of the lights”. I was also in the neighborhood of artists, Montmartre, which is located on a hill, with tights roads and beautiful houses. Hanging up on the wall, I still have my portrait made by one of the local painters in a small Montmartre square. Besides being one of the world’s richest cultural center, Paris is definitely the capital of the fashion. Walking on Champs Elise, one of the most famous shopping spots in Europe, I was not surprised to find a big variety of top quality stores, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and the newest collections of the famous designers. Champs Elise was the place that perfectly fits my passion for fashion. On the...
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