Louis Xvi and Napoleon Dbq

Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Louis XVIII of France Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: January 17, 2012
Louis XVI and Napoleon DBQ

Louis XVI’s rule was defiantly not similar to the Rule of Napoleons rule when you get down to the basics. Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte were two of the most significant rulers in French history for many different reasons. Being so young the inexperienced Louis XVI led France into the beginning of a bloody French Revolution. Napoleon on the other hand launched France to the top in Europe shortly after. Louis XVI and Napoleon differed in three main categories including: qualifications, domestic policy, and foreign policy.

Napoleon Bonaparte was much more qualified to become the leader of France than Louis XVI was. After the death of his father, Louis XVI was given control of France at the young age of fifteen. This was surprising considering as a child Louis XVI showed no signs of leadership, often described as awkward and naïve. “If you abandon me in this great enterprise I shall work alone for the welfare of my peoples…I shall consider myself as their only true representative. None of your plans and proceedings may become law without my express approval (Doc.3).” The previous quote is an example of Louis XVI being naïve. Napoleon on the other hand went through intense academic studies and was appointed a French lieutenant at the age of sixteen. Over the course of the next 18 year, Napoleon worked his way up in rank in military and became beloved by all of France (Doc.4).

Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte also had very different domestic policies. Louis XVI’s old regime took away about 98 percent of the French populations’ rights (Doc.7). The lower class during the rule of Louis XVI’s reign had absolutely no rights; they were on the bottom of the food chain. All of the money and power belonged to the aristocracy, or the first and second estates (Doc.9). After the French Revolution ended the old regime, Napoleon Bonaparte established the Napoleonic Code. Napoleon’s new laws kept many of the ideals the French Revolution had...
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