Louis Xiv, One King, One Law, One Faith

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Palace of Versailles, Louis XIII of France Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: July 28, 2008
King Louis XIV was a man of strength and courage with many ambitions that he was fully determined to achieve. He dedicated most of his rule taking steps to accomplish the goal of “one king, one law, one faith” for the country of France. By one king he aimed for the ruler to have supreme power over armies, government bureaucracy, and culture. This would eventually lead to the overall influence of the French upon other countries and their kings. By way of one law he aspired for the nobles to no longer rule over separate states but for one government with supreme power. King Louis had a desire for an absolute monarchy. As a result he would not be legally bound by any institutions or other persons in the country. This inclination was not easily met or as successful as he had hoped. Louis XIV sought religious unity between the French people, one faith. To do this he revoked the Edict of Nantes. King Louis XIV did not achieve his entire goal to the extent which he had anticipated but overall he was victorious, leaving a huge impact and influence on the French society and Europe as a whole.

Louis XIV believed that one king should have power and control over the country of France. To do this he reorganized the army and was exceptionally prosperous in doing so. Local armies in states led by nobles ceased to exist and Louis had centralized control. In addition to this he stimulated the economy by purchasing weapons and uniforms for the forces. The army became more of a threat, centralized, and organized during peace-time. Louis also wanted control over the government bureaucracy. He appointed the bourgeoisie as government officials, allies against the nobles, and created ambassadors to the towns who collected taxes, oversaw the courts, and made sure all royal laws were adhered to. Additionally the king wanted to make a grand gesture spreading the influence of the French culture by building the palace Versailles. King Louis’ main goal in constructing Versailles was to...
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