Louis Xiv of France and Palace

Topics: Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV of France, André Le Nôtre Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: September 24, 2013
The Palace of Versailles
As we begin to talk about the Palace at Versailles, one should be aware of the what architecture meant to the time that it was built, the History of the Chateau, the Main Palace Buildings and Rooms, and the purpose of the Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles is located outside of Paris at Versailles, France, and was built in 1631 in the order of Louis XIII. It has served as the royal palace and numerous other purposes, which include it being a museum now in which many people visit daily. The Chateau was first constructed in 1623, as a hunting lodge made of brick, stone, and slate. Brick, stone, and slate were very expensive at that time which added to the cost of the palace. In 1631 they constructed the New Chateau, which was created around a Baroque style. The Baraoque style expresses the power and authority in which the country represented. They liked to use arches and many other different aspects in Baroque architecture. A wonderful example of French Baroque Architecture can be found at the palace of Versailles. The Chateau of Versailles can be found as extremely rich in and throughout history. Its land was all chosen and picked individually and was known as some of the best land ever picked and purchased. The King had the royal decision on where he would like to have his palace. He enjoyed the outdoors and hunting so as he decided these were very important factors when getting land. The King hated Paris and planned for his palace to be as far away as possible. He hated the look, smell, and people. The Construction of the Chateau of Versailles took from 1631-1774 to complete to its full capacity. When it was completed it showed great and utter beauty to its design. The palace had many rooms and buildings but only a selected few were important. The palace buildings were important enough so that the king would only select a few to use for the important occasions. The South wing housed the original apartments but later...
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