Louis XIV Essay

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Paris Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: February 22, 2015
Kristen Davis October 29, 2014 AP-European History
An Absolute Monarch

Louis XIV represents an absolute monarch, who epitomized the ideal of kingship as he strove vigorously for the sake of his country. Louis XIV became king at age five in 1642, and was helped by Cardinal Mazarin in trying to lead France in success. After being taken hostage at gunpoint at the age of 10 in Fronde, Louis hates the city of Paris and French nobility, which influences his choices during kingship. Louis XIV becomes the real leader of France at age twenty-three, and makes rash decisions in domestic and foreign affairs, some being success, and others being great failures for France. Louis XIV constructed concise plans for France, hoping to accomplish triumph in his domestic and foreign policies. Louis XIV was seen as the Divine Right, God’s representative on Earth, who fought for a centralized state under an absolute monarch, and worked to do so by creating domestic and foreign policies for France. Louis XIV first worked to create power and unity domestically in his nation. After the struggle of Fronde, it motives Louis XIV to build Versailles as the new capital of France, about thirty miles from Paris. This new capital was built in hope to crush the power of the nobles, and building the king’s power, which resulted in the king having all the authority in France. Louis XIV also created another domestic policy to make France a wholly Catholic country, believing in the motto “one king, one law, one faith”. He writes the Edict of Fontainebleau in 1685, revoking the Edict of Nant, which enforces everyone in France to be Catholic. It was restrictive to Huguenots still living in France, and required them to either get out of France or be killed. This edict was created in hopes to create a united and one religion nation. Lastly, Louis XIV not only created policies domestically, but worked to...
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