Louis Xiv

Topics: Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV of France, Constitutional monarchy Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: July 19, 2011
Sam Jones
Mr. Johnson
Social Studies
13 July 2011
Life of the Common People under Louis XIV’s Rule
An Absolute Monarchy was a new concept to the people of France during the 1600’s. Other forms of government were failing from lack of control, so the people of France turned to an Absolute Monarch, named Louis XIV. The only problem with Louis was that he was self-centered, and did not care a whole lot about governing his kingdom. He was more concerned with making himself looking good, and even went as far to call himself the “Sun God.” As a result, the French common people lived very rough lives, due to the neglect of their king. It was not an easy life for the French people under King Louis XIV’s rule, and it was not made better by his view on governing. This is shown through his lack of genuine care for his people, over taxation, and wars of the time.

City life was very harsh on people, and this is shown by the fact that King Louis XIV himself did not live in the city. The people of Paris were starving because of a war happening; all of the food is going to the troops. Louis handles this problem by showing his generous heart, and giving the people spoiled food to eat. This action caused unrest and rioting, which was a problem for King Louis. The citizens of Paris were treated as mere objects and not people, and this would be hard to live with. Harsh living conditions made life hard as it is, and the spoiled food added to their loathsome lives.

During king Louis XIV’s reign, he fought many wars in order to expand his territory. This caused many people who did not want to fight, be forced to join in wars they didn’t believe in. King Louis would even go as far as to send women’s loved ones into combat, just so when they died their inevitable death, he could have their significant other. Also, wars caused even more poverty for the people of France. In an instance where a woman’s husband was killed in combat, the wife...
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