Louis Vuitton Essay

Topics: LVMH, Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton Cup Pages: 5 (2062 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Louis Vuitton bag: just an expensive bag or is there more to the product? A product analysis essay (1910 words)

Almost everybody in the world knows the brand Louis Vuitton and can recognize the famous logo and patterns they use on bags. Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world, followed by Hermes and Rolex. Over the years famous people and rich people who have excessive amounts of money on their bank accounts, have bought their products. If the average person on the street would have to describe a stereotype of the Louis Vuitton owner the description would probably be in this direction; the owner would wear designer clothes, big sunglasses and the Louis Vuitton bag over their shoulder with a Chihuahua in it. I choose this brand because I’m curious about this product. What would be the costs to design a Louis Vuitton handbag? How are these bags produced and why are their retail prices so high? So basically what I want to know: is the Louis Vuitton bag ‘’just’’ an expensive bag or is there something more to this product? During this essay I will look at different subjects; economy, ecology, ergonomics, ethics and aesthetics. I will also give my honest opinion to give the reader and an idea of my perspective about these subjects. Let’s start by looking at ethics: how is the product produced? The handbags are produced in France, Spain, the United Stated, Italy and Germany. They do not produce their handbags in ‘’cheap’’ Asian countries like China. All of the handbags are products that have been developed by craftsmanship, not machines. Yes, there are sewing machines used, but robots do not automatically sew the bags together piece by piece. The production of the bag is not automated and there are over a hundred stages in the making process of every handbag. All of their bags are unique products with a lot of details so only all the workers are real professionals and are specialized in just a few elements of the production process. I really like this way the Louis Vuitton handbags are being produced. I really appreciate their choice to not exploit their production to Asia or a third world country. Of course, it would be cheaper on the economical point of view, but Louis Vuitton bags are luxury products. It should say ‘’Made in France’’ and not ‘’Made in China’’. This is a way of keeping their position in the market and making people believe their brand. Louis Vuitton has posted several promotional videos on the Internet to show how their products are made. You can see and feel they are passionate about their products and they want to share every step of developing the handbag with the world. The fact that they are all handcrafted is also something I highly respect. I don’t want a product that has been product by children in Bangladesh! This is the main reason why I avoid buying products at H&M and why I’m looking for companies that produce their products in an honest way. Children should be in school, not behind a sewing machine. I love Louis Vuitton for having adults and real experts to make their products and not being misled to reduce the production costs to the least as possible. Good products need to be built by experts, so I really support the ethics of Louis Vuitton.

The ecology of Louis Vuitton: what is the product effect on the environment? Most of the Louis Vuitton bags are made from real high quality leather. However this does not make them sacred on the element of ecology, Louis Vuitton is greener then you think. They have been very conscious about the environment and do anything to reduce their impact on it. They have taking several measures to ‘’minimize the impact of operations on the environment, encourage a collective commitment to the environment and organize business to guarantee environmental performance’’. For example: they reduced their production of greenhouse gases by transporting over sea instead of plains, they eliminated unnecessary plastic wrapping, their buildings...
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