Louis Vuitton Brand

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Which tools Louis Vuitton used to advertise their brend in general? Is it successful?

The modern world is inconceivable without advertising. It is plays a very important role in the development of business opportunities. Today, in addition to television advertising, one of the most popular is Social Media. So, one of the most famous, the most demand and the most expensive luxury brand- Louis Vuitton is a french fashion house which specializig in the manufacture of luggage and bags, clothes and accessories uses all advertising options, thereby developing their brand. Louis Vuitton founded his brand in 1954. Today this brand represented in more than 53 countries and ranked 10th in the worlds most valuable brands in the list of Forbes. Now the comapny is part of the international holding company. In 1998 company expends the scope of entiring into a new market sector.It was promotes the appereance not only of handbags and luggage, but also clothes, shoes and accessories. Today as it was 150 years ago , the product made by hand. You can buy one of the luxury brand known things only in official shops, to counter the immense popularity of counterfeit products. It is well known that of all the products which carry the initials Louis Vuitton only one percent is original products. Furthermore, need to know that the company has never offered discounts on their products and they do not sell their bags in Duty free shops. Perhaps, everyone today would like to have a bag from Louis Vuitton, but who are the real owners of these things? Who can afford his luxury? Of course, the biggest succes of the brand is enjoyed by very wealthy buyers. Repeadely this famous bags appered on the pages of magazines in the hands of very important personalities. But today, people of moderate means who want to replenish their wardrobe with original Louis Vuitton can do it. Unlike brands such as Chanel or Hermes, in Louis Vuitton prices start from 500-600 dollars, which allows to buy...

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