Louis Vuitton’s Marketing Strategy

Topics: Population, LVMH, Marketing Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: October 30, 2011
External Environment: (Louis Vuitton in China) - Macro Environment: PESTEL analysis The luxury market has challenged its growth by increasing its growth rate over the last decade (except This strategy was especially supported by the emerging markets of China, India, and Russia as growth relayed in the mature and almost saturated historical area (E.U., U.S, and Japan). The increasing trends of international tourism, ’new rich people‘ and the favourable world economic growth, enabled the support of the luxury industry and the emergence of new customers and the subsequent trading areas. [...]

[...] LV has already established 9 ’landmark boutiques’ in the three storeyed China World mall, and shall continue its expansion in this format. ▪ Promotion: The promotion campaigns have to be limited in numbers in order to preserve the brand its products, its selectivity, relative scarcity, and prestige perception. The finest quality of the scope, the message, and the support has to reflect the brand image. LV’s promotion is about branding rather than the product. Despite some local adaptation, LV’s target is always international. [...]

[...] ’Marques de Luxe en Chine’, accessed 22/11/ http://www.chinasuccessstories.com/ /03/04/chinese-luxury-shopper/ Euromonitor database: ’China country profile’ September ’China Business Environment: Deepening allure’ Euromonitor International June ’China’s Domestic Demand Strength’ Euromonitor International May ‘Clothing and Footwear China’ - Euromonitor International: Country Market Insight - October ‘Consumer Lifestyles China’ Euromonitor International November ’LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton: Company Factfile’ September Haisma-Kwok, C.; ’VUITTON DOUBLES UP IN HONG KONG.’ WWD: Women's Wear Daily Vol Issue Hofstede, Geert. ( ).Culture's Consequences, International Differences in Work-Related Values (Cross Cultural Research and Methodology) Newbury Park, CA: Sage.Hofstede Husband and Chadha, ‘Cult of the Luxury Brand: Inside Asia's...
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