Louis Pasteur

Topics: Louis Pasteur, Vaccination, Microbiology Pages: 2 (279 words) Published: January 7, 2007
Louis Pasteur discovered many discoveries that advanced bacteriology. He made

pasteurization and vaccinations. Pasteurization was made when Emperor Napoleon asked

Louis Pasteur to examine diseases in wine. Pasteur showed that by heating wine at a

certain temperature, the bacteria in the wine would die. Pasteurization was formed. The

process was used to kill other bacteria in other liquids, like in milk and beer. He

discovered vaccinations when he researched the rabies. He could not see the things that

caused the rabies but he knew that that there was a virus. He made vaccinations that made

dogs immune to rabies and were able to treat people with rabies.

Next Pasteur discovered how to sterilize products. While he was looking at silkworm

diseases, he discovered how to prevent the factories' worms to stop making silk because

of diseases. He watched normal silk worms then he watched sick worms. He found the

two diseases, Pebrine and Flacherie. Then he, discovered by isolating the worms that

weren't sick, the diseases wound not spread to the other worms. He saved the silk


How has influenced us today?

Louis Pasteur influences us by his many discoveries. His discoveries led to other

discoveries. His influence in medicine helped save many lives. Public places, like

hospitals have more hygiene. He also discovered anaerobic diseases. His discoveries in

vaccination led to vaccinations of much more diseases. He discovered many methods of

sterilization. He also built an institute for disease. Diseases are researched, taught and

treated in the institution.

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