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Topics: Louis XIV of France, William III of England, Peace of Westphalia Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: December 23, 2012
France was affected by many kings; one of them was Louis the 14th. If you were asked who is the king that faced a big series of war, you will be answering Louis the 14th. How did Louis the 14th affected France is the subject of that research. I wrote about this subject because Louis the 14th sat on Frances from the age of five, and ruled France for 72 years, from the year of 1643- 1715. I faced many difficulties; one of them was the lack of information, and references. Another difficulty was the lack of time. My research is considered to be a descriptive history talking essay. It talks about the history of France especially the history of its king? Louis the 14th, who is named as France’s Sun King, had the longest reign in European history beginning from 1643 until he dies in 1715. He had only five years old when he became the king of France, therefore the reign was almost dominated by the Cardinal until he died in 1661 . Following the cardinal’s death, Louis brought the absolute monarchy at the risk of taking both his mother’s and the council’s reactions . In 1685, the king took a disastrous decision of revoking the Protestants right to worship by his diktat of Fontainebleau. Many of which constituted an industrious segments left the country, taking with them skills. In addition, Louis display of religious intolerance helped unite the Protestants powers of Europe against the king. In September 1688, Louis was hoping to disrupt his enemies who formed the league of Augsburg against him. The nine years war of the Grand Alliances was followed. France barely held its own against the united provinces, England, Austria and Spain, all under William III. But the treaty of Rijswijk in 1697, was signed in the Newberg castle, it ended the War of the Grand Alliance, and preserved Strasbourg and Louis achievement along the France-German border. The first war was against Spain; Louis married Marie-Therese of...
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