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Topics: Videotelephony, Instant messaging, Communication Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Name: Miguel Ángel Cóndor Colqui
* Based on the video and text of the case, list and briefly describe five areas where either version of Sametime may increase employee productivity. What do you think will produce the greatest increase in employee productivity? 1. Improve communication – Employees have a better communication through the lotus same time. Not only among them, they can also be linked with his /her boss, CEO, customer, etc. 2. Stress reduction – There is no need to wait lots of time to get, receive or access to certain information. Employee will not get stress for this kind of problems. 3. Improve access to information – Employees, bosses or whoever can upload certain information to a room, so allowed people will be able to get to them. It will be faster and restricted to the users. 4. Ease to create meetings – In the same way, there will not be reason to no assist to a meeting. You will not have to be physically in the room, because a virtual room can be created to meet. 5. Reduce lose of time – As we do not have to be physically at any place, people will not lose time moving. No buses, no cars, no traffic bottle will be a problem of everyday. *

* Stress reduction will produce the greatest change. This disease is a big problem among employees and can cause a lot of problems inside the company. Not just in the production, it can cause conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings, etc. A bad environment inside the company is not good for employee’s productivity. So if a program can solve it, why not prove? Q2

* How does Lotus Sametime support collaboration? What are the additional benefits of the virtual environment? Lotus sametime is not just a program to maintain people in contact. This program can create a relation between employees inside the organization. Most of people can get easily in contact through programs than in real life. In the same way, it can...
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