Topics: English-language films, William Golding Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Jennifer Young
English 1
3 September 2013
Lord of the Flies: Piggy’s Glasses and the Conflicts
Glasses are what let people, (#8) with impaired sight, (#8) see. In the book Lord of the Flies, every time something happens to the glasses, (#9) the group becomes more blinded to what is happening to them. Without glasses, (#9) one can not see, (#9) causing them to be negatively affected. There are many occasions in the book that the glasses will represent Piggy’s state of emotion. Golding writes, (#16) “He wiped his glasses and adjusted them on his button nose”…”‘My Auntie’” (Golding 4). Whenever Piggy becomes nervous, (#9) his glasses fog up. He is sensitive to the subject of his auntie, (#9) so his glasses fog over. Piggy loves his aunt dearly because she raised him, and when Ralph asks about her Piggy doesn’t want to discuss the matter. Also, (#8) at assemblies, (#8) whenever Jack questions him his glasses instinctively fog. Whenever Piggy’s glasses become fogged, (#9) it is hazing his sight from the evil in the group. The physical condition of the glasses also reveals what is happening with the group of boys. The book mentions,(#16)” ‘One side’s broken’”…”’Jus’ you wait-yah’” (Golding 60) Piggy is no longer calm and threatens Jack which is the breaking point for Piggy,(#12 ) but also is the point where true savagery on the island begins. Breaking the glasses constitutes the breaking of whatever sense of civil behavior that existed on the island. Now, (#19) Piggy sees multiples through the broken lenses, (#9) which are the multiple levels of savagery. The glasses are not really defective but help him see what is truly happening. When Jack took the glasses the island of boys was lost and blinded on what to do. When Jack killed Piggy he ‘inherited’ the glasses, (#8) thus,(#8 ) giving him the power to see,(#12 ) but he does not use it. This is when the island goes to utter chaos. Jack is not able to clearly see until the end when the...
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