Lost in a Strange Place

Topics: Luminescence, Debut albums, Scientific method Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Olive; the sublime resplendence of phosphorescence vaguely illuminated the lustrous crystals of quartz, deprived of impurities. Darkness; a description and depiction of the remnants of ancient civilization. I discovered myself amidst these, not knowing where to head, in a labyrinth of utmost quiescence, stranded with a compass which as neither a use nor an ornament for the ferric deposits in the surroundings refrain the needle from staying in an immobile position long enough for a reading of any kind.

The reasen for my being here, devoid of provisions, is for but my unslakeable quest for knowledge, for pedagogical, erudite scientific knowledge, which urged me to pursue a recent excavation of mine; in which I stumbled upon a passageway of some inexplicit description, which now led me 400 feet below sealevel, within an impervious maze, with my life ostensibly suspended precariously on a hair-breadth-thick thread of the araneae's web

I wandered among the subterranean galleries, upon chance, I saw a flicker, out of the corner of my eye. Hallucination – the vocabulary emerged in my mind, and faded. It was a true sign of incandescence, of immense exuberance. With instincts of survival, after 72 hours of aimless strolls among these walls, O increased my pace. Jog-jog-jog, the rhythm went on forever, till the moment I was on the verge of losing all hopes... I found myself scrutinizing a vast cavern, so massive and magnificent, as if it confined the extant structure within itself.

An orb of chemiluminescence, but not of solar origin, irradiated penetrative beams upon a most unbelievable sight. A most impressive sign of civilization – buildings, stood erected before me. Architecture of some description they bear upon their intarnished features, bathed in the subdued and grotesque luminescence. Their unspoken flamboyance of beauty portrayed flawlessly before the pupils of the beholder. The pacific pervasion I perused in praised with pious paeans profusely playing...
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