Lost Civilizations: The Inca of Peru

Topics: Inca Empire, Andes, Peru Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: January 23, 2011
The Inca of Peru lived in a rough environment that only a few would survive. The Inca had tribes called the Moche, Nazca and the Paracas. They would barley lasted 100 years. This movie is about there accomplishments and struggles.

Machu Picchu a city that laid hidden for many years until 1911 when a American explore Hiram Bingham discovered it. It was high in the mountains, it had been there for 400 years. High in the Andes mountains were the environment was harsh. The Inca people adapted, they had large lungs and short legs. They domesticated the lama and alpaca, they harvested crops of corn and tomatoes to . Along with carved roads and straightening rivers, the Inca were great engineers.

The Inca worshiped the sun god Inti along with the Earth, the mountains, the thunder and the moon Gods. Veracocha was the main god and was seen as the creator of all things, or the substance from which all things are created. Veracocha was the father of the sun so that made each Inca leaders the son of the sun. .

The Inca worshiped their ancestors they are extremely imported to the Incas. They engaged in what they called ancestor veneration. They made sure that the ancestral body was kept intact. Mummified the dead and kept in the home or palace that they lived. It was treated like they were still living. The Panacea is what they called them. Some of the remains found were modified, there skull were elongated. It was only for a small group thought to be for the wealthy. Also found was the practices of trephination, where they would drill holes into the skull. It was used for fractured skulls and then later for decease to escape. 60% of people that had this done survived the operation.

The Nazca people lived in the desert area where water was scarce. They worshiped the nature gods as well. There are giant carving in the ground, roads and pictures that are a

mystery to all. Some believe that they are for aliens and UFO's . Others think it might be an...
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