Loss of Identity

Topics: The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway, Nation Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: October 24, 2007
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Silvio Marcel Méndez Rourk
Professor Jacob Leland
English 101 Writing Literary Memoirs
September 27 2007

Loss of Identity

The book, The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, describes feelings and ideas that Americans had during the boom of the 20's regarding the fear of change or loss in national identity. Loss of morality and increasing fear because of loss of identity during this period has created a general fear of dismemberment of culture and society consequence of the II World War. The Sun Also Rises is a socially loaded book because of the deep social identity problems occurring during the 20's that are reflected through the novel. The novel goes deep into the social uncomforting of the time, trying to find and clarify national identity yet in the end does not find it, but only finds temporal but non lasting satisfaction in anything.

In the novel, The Sun Also Rises, we can see that the times are deeply troubled by the matter of social identity. For example, The Sun Also Rises makes great emphasis on the subject of what people think of other places or nationals. The book describes what people think inside the United States of people living abroad and leaving behind or abandoning their country. Accordingly we can see this noticeably in the following quote from the book: "You're only a newspaperman. An expatriated

newspaperman. You ought to be ironical the moment you get out of bed. You ought to wake up with your mouth full of pity."(120). Here the novel establishes the way foreigners are considered if they leave their native countries. This does not have to be applied to Americans as in the book but to any given country, moreover the book begins to show signs of discomfort and fear, "‘It would be very bad, a torero who speaks English…The people would not like it not yet'" (190) here the fears towards the future changes of society and fear of acceptance are as clear as crystal. The book intently accuses a national of being...
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