Loss of Human Value

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The Loss of Human Value
Over the last 4 years, America has suffered the loss of over 1 million jobs thanks to offshore outsourcing. Americans believe that offshore outsourcing has the potential to destroy middle-class families, their jobs, and privacy; therefore the government should take action against outsourcing. Employees that have lost their jobs as a result of outsourcing believe that their value as human beings has been taken away from them leaving them to wonder what will happen to them. One may think that we can just lean on our president for help, support and guidance. Well, think again, not only is the Bush Administration not helping families that have been affected, they believe that outsourcing is great for our economy. It's nice that our economy is doing well, but with the loss of American jobs, how can our economy continue to grow? It is the president's and his cabinets' job to help protect employees, their families and consumers. That's why we have child labor laws, crash test, safety protections in the workplace, safe food and drugs, and more. It's up to us to make sure that the president and his cabinet is doing their jobs (Swartz 2004). According to Uday Karmarkar, author of "will you survive the services revolution, the loss of job is not the important issue here. The unemployment rate will be non-existent once the baby boomers retire. The real issue here is the loss of service and disregard of privacy. Some of the biggest job losses here in the U.S. are the customer service and technical support levels. Fortune 500 companies are now outsourcing customer service jobs to the lowest bidder. Outsourcing has further alienated the American customer from the American employee by separating the two. This is not good for American consumers because it doesn't make any sense. One report recently showed that dissatisfaction with offshore outsourcing call centers led one in seven customers to take their business elsewhere...

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