Los Angles Zoo

Topics: Primate, Hominidae, Ape Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 22, 2014
. LA zoo is fantastic and there are plenty of animals to observe. The employees were friendly and provided educational facts to the public. This is the second time that I visit LA Zoo because I want to observe the activities and behavior of some selected primates. I spent most of the time observing all the animals and learning about them and their native habitats. LA Zoo is laid out by continental area, so the primate exhibits are scattered throughout the zoo. I began with the New World monkey located in the South American section of the zoo. In exhibit area 75, I saw three species of New World monkeys. All of these species have prehensile tails. These species are the black-handed spider monkey, black howler monkey, and crested capuchin monkey. Moreover, three of the four great apes are exhibited at LA Zoo: chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas. The orangutans are the only surviving great apes in Asia. The “Campo Gorilla Reserve”, located further downs the walkway from the orangutans. Western Lowland Gorillas were among the slowest moving primates that I observed at the zoo. The chimpanzee is very interesting and popular ape. I chose to observe the chimpanzee mainly because I find them coolest apes and attracting me. As I noticed during my observation, chimp that live in the rain forest tend to eat more fruit and leaves, while chimps in grasslands prefer to dine on insects and other animals. Based on my observations, I analyzed that biologically chimpanzee is closely related to humans; so many of their characteristics may seem familiar. The most remarkable physical similarity between chimpanzees and humans is the opposable thumb. The thumb allows chimpanzee to grab objects and use tools much like we do. I had a lot of fun at LA Zoo and definitely learned a lot. There are also some interesting activities and shows in LA Zoo, but I don’t have enough time to explore more. I will definitely come back soon.
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