Los Angeles Crime

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Crime-Based Economic and City Development
Los Angeles is one of the biggest and most populated metropolises around the world. It was founded by governor Filipe de Neve, a Spanish governor of Las California, in September 4, 1781. Los Angeles started as a small city with population of 11,500 people and continued steadily growing. At the beginning 20th century, the discovery of oil brought a lot of attention, and it shaped the economy, politics and social growth of the city. As population grows, it is obvious that a crime rate also grow. However, by looking at crime statistics, it suggests an economic and city development of Los Angeles, and it might be possible to reconstruct a historical development of a city based on crime rates. During the Mexican era, Los Angeles consisted out of five big ranchos with a very little population. In 1910s, according to the calculation the population of the Los Angeles was 319,198 people according to Dr. Gayle Olson-Raymer [1]. The construction of a transcontinental railroad to Los Angeles completely changed the city. The industrialization brought a lot of immigrants who were seeking new work places. By looking crime data points, it is obvious that most of crimes are concentrated in the Downtown of Los Angeles. All violent, property, and other crimes took place there. This concentration of crimes suggests that the downtown was the center of Los Angeles, and a lot of people lived or spent their time in the downtown. At that period of time, the downtown has become a financial center of Los Angeles. In early 20th century, banking institutions started clustering around South Spring Street, and it became Spring Street Financial District. Also, commercial growth was the reason of hotel constructions in the downtown, such as the Alexandria in 1906, the Rosslyn in 1911, and the Biltmore in 1923, in order to entertain the population of Los Angeles. 1910s the downtown was flourishing, and it was a center of prosperity in...
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