Los Angeles

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with its tall historic Buildings that sprout from dusty, grainy concrete floors like seeds in the springtime, Los Angeles and its rich history has been attracting many people all over world. Merging from the San fernando valley through Downtown and back to long beach, marked with graffiti marks of local gangs and smelling of old factories, LA wouldn't be LA without the LA river. , For most tourists, visiting the LA river isn't at the top of their agenda, but to many locals like myself, the Los Angeles river is not only the set of classic films like Grease, To live and Die in LA, Gone in 60 seconds, or Chinatown it's also a representation of home. From the oldest building in the city, the Avila adobe, to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Sprinkled and scattered throughout the city, these giant skyscrapers that seem to touch the stars at night all stood and continue to stand for something. When you walk through the smoggy streets of Los Angeles, you feel the history radiating all around you like lightening. You smell it in the air as the subtle warm wind slaps you on the face.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the city speak. It tells us how alive it is through it's crowded freeways filled with impatient drivers grinding their teeth at each other and honking their loud horns, through the beating of the drums in the Venice beach drum circle, through the children's laughter echoing through the Disneyland theme park walkways, even through the gunshots heard in the dark quiet Compton streets at 2am.

We can drive through Beverly Hills .. get on the freeway and be in Skid Row in 10 minutes.. we can Be at Olvera Street, and just around the corner is China Town, This allows us to be exposed to different cultures, Different Religions.. Different Languages
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