Lorenzo de Medici: A force that Changed History

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Isaac Inoyatov
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5 May 2014
Lorenzo de Medici: The “Magnificent” Ruler
The Medici family controlled Florence throughout most of the Italian Renaissance. After the death of Pier de Medici, Lorenzo's father, Lorenzo took control of Florence and ruled for almost twenty-five years. Lorenzo de Medici had a great impact on the Italian Renaissance and was a force that changed history. Some ways through which he impacted history were as a patron of the arts, a Florentine statesman, and a benevolent ruler.

Lorenzo de Medici was born during the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance was a period of political, economic, social, and cultural development. During this period of time focus was drawn to humanism and humanities, such as poetry, rhetoric, and literature. The Renaissance also reawakened an interest in Ancient Rome. Roman architecture, statues and coins were studied. Rome also served as an inspiration for religious themes which were utilized by artists and writers.

Italy’s location encouraged trade with northern Europe and North Africa. As a result of an increase in trade, banking, manufacturing, and merchant networks developed. Trade carried new ideas around Europe and provided the wealth which stimulated the Renaissance. New technology allowed people to perceive their world more accurately.

Known as “The Magnificent”, Lorenzo ruled Florence with his brother Giuliano for nine years. After the latter’s assassination in a failed conspiracy formed by the Pazzi Bank, Lorenzo emerged with more prestige. One way in which Lorenzo de Medici influenced history was as a benevolent autocratic leader. Medici collected books which became the Medici library. Medici also organized many balls, tournaments, carnivals, weddings, and receptions which transformed Florence into a flourishing city, and allowed it to become the center of the Italian Renaissance.

Lorenzo de Medici represented the renaissance ideal. He was a generous patron...

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