Loreal Company Values and Culture

Topics: Culture, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 4 (1229 words) Published: September 11, 2013
The focus of this part of paper is on cultural aspects and values in L’Oreal Company. We will quote its ethical principles, which are very important for the company itself. In L’Oreal company we can distinguish core values, given as follows: passion for adventure, enrichment through diversity, leading innovation in beauty, striving for excellence and valuing individual talent. Thanks to its clarity into work ethics we can see how important for the company is innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. These features make the L’Oreal company leader on the world market. The company includes just one business itself – beauty. This is the topic to which passion comes to and shows what cosmetics can bring to women and men: self-confidence, openness towards others and well-being. The passion for business, which is linked to culture and humanity. To create beauty products is about understanding others and anticipating their needs. Innovation is the second of the company’s core values. This feature is essential in such a topic as beauty because it requires all the time new products. Beauty canon changes so there is a need of a constant higher level of performance. L’Oreal understand the importance of innovation and research, it is making a lot of effort to expand its product lines covering wide variety of beauty products. Another value that is not less important than the others is open-mindedness. Listening customers, understanding their culture and benefiting from their differences are bare priorities, which respond to the infinite diversity of beauty trends around the world. They are inherent from company’s business and mission. Excellence is a value that is involved in every form in the business, in every country. It is expressed in a state of mind and a permanent aspiration to perfection. All teams in the L’Oreal Company share this desire to outperform and to be able to provide the best for their consumers. In order to create a high perceive value for its customers...
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