Lord Of The Rings Symphony

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Mobeen Beria

AP Music Theory


October 9 2014

Lord of the Rings Symphony
Howard Shore, musical composer of The, Lord of the Rings, utilizes musical devices such as motives, instrumentation, and dynamic contrast in order to effectively portray the novels significance and depth as a whole.

Shore strategically implements musical motives while composing the symphony, as a way to demonstrate the multiple themes that are intertwined between the symphony and the story. Shore took three years composing the symphony, and all throughout this time Shore had a copy of the novel with him This demonstrates the extent that Shore went to in order to accurately portray the themes that are within the novel itself, inside his symphony as well. This can be seen with the piece dedicated to the formation of the fellowship. This formation of friendship and trust that is created in the novel, is expressed in Shore's symphony with bold emphasis and crescendos and decrescendos. This shows the slow formation that is present in the novel. And similarly this theme is seen once again with the breaking of the fellowship. Shore composes the symphony in a emotional way, with a courageous and heroic theme that fits the mood of the novel during the breaking of the fellowship. With the use of motives, Shore is able to form a connection between the novel and his works. Which in turn, enhances the presentation of the symphony in its self.

Shore's use of instrumentation while composing the symphony, serves to further develop the unique style that Shore portrays in an attempt of brining the movie more depth and texture. Shore makes great use of the dynamic variation of instruments that can be seen in his symphony. Shore manipulates different instruments in his symphony in order to adjust to the various scenes and moods that are presented in the novel. This can be seen when Shore states that, “ I wanted to bring a instrument from the shire, such as the symbol um to...
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