Lord of the Rings

Topics: Sauron, The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth Pages: 3 (1246 words) Published: December 18, 2005
The nature of evil displayed in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy is a topic which is directly and indirectly displayed. From the opening of the film we are introduced with what is good and what is evil and by the end of the first film we are completely familiar with what represents good and what represents evil. Right after the film begins we are told what the forces of good will be dealing with and the exact form that evil will take on and how it was birthed. We know that the ring is almost the sacramental of what is evil because it was created in the name of evil to serve Melkor.

Once the rings were created they began to poison the hearts of various species. Evil took on the indirect form of greed and won over soldiers of evil by slowly corrupting them with their desire for personal gain. Evil was able to flourish not by force but by its attractiveness and the ability it had to lure the hearts of good. It was here that Melkor and Sauron could begin setting up their army to take over good. They made their first run to take over good and failed when the ring was taken in battle from Melkor. Upon the victory over evil the ring could not be destroyed because once again the heart of a good man was corrupted by the ring, so evil persisted on.

Evil exists on the basis of a few factors in the film. The heads, obviously, are Melkor and Sauron. There are other head figures which carry out the military needs of evil. Their status came about by a turning away from a once good nature and embracing the dark side full on. Characters such as Sarumon represent a gradual turning away from good and embracing the lure of evil. One thing is for sure is that evil is something that is intangible in the film. It cannot be directly related to a single person. It has a head but it is kept alive by the choices of the creatures of middle-earth. Mostly, it is shown in the corruption of a person¡¯s soul due to greed and desire for personal fame and well-being.

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