Lord of the flys

Topics: Hunting, Kill, Civilization Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Unrecognizable Creatures
Hervey Allen once said “Each new generation is a fresh invasion of savages.” In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding this message is portrayed through Jack’s actions and how those actions affect the boys. Jack begins as a civilized boy that previewed the threat of destruction among the boys on the island. As Jack becomes more savage and consumed with hunting, he symbolizes the deterioration of their civilization. As the boys experience their first few days of isolation on the island many of them are worried about the fact no adults were with them. On the other hand, Jack was more worried about choosing a leader; he demanded that he “ought to be chief… because [he] was chapter chorister and head boy” (22). While this displays the civilization Jack still carries with him, it also highlights his arrogance and craving for power. One could infer that when Ralph was voted chief, there would be conflict and a power struggle between him and Jack since Jack was so set on being in charge. Jack’s determination to get power previews the destruction soon to come among the boys however, Jack’s civilization was still present early on with the matter of the pig. When the boys came across the pig they all realized what they were about to do and with that realization Jack’s “face [went] white under [his] freckles. He noticed that he still held the knife aloft and brought his arm down, replacing the blade in the sheath” (31). Jack came off looking to afraid to kill the pig; his humanity and civilization kept him from completing the task. Once Jack noticed how this event illustrated him as being weak, his nature suddenly shifted. The thought of hunting and killing the pig began to consume him as result of wanting to prove himself to the other boys. He declared that “next time there would be no mercy” (31). Jack’s change in nature and his thirst for power created the decline in his civilization which eventually rubs off onto many of the boys on...
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