Lord of the Flies: A View to a Death

Topics: William Golding, English-language films, Kill Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: May 5, 2013
A View to a Death

Throughout the entire book of Lord of the Flies, one could partake in endless studies including setting, metaphors, themes, and imagery. Because of all of these things being used so well in one book is why it has been studied and read for so many years. This paper will explain the chapter: A View to a Death, including its setting, chapter analysis, and the style and technique used in the chapter. While William Golding uses descriptive setting passages in almost the entire book, there are many exceptionally fine examples of description bursting in the paragraphs of chapter nine. In the third to last and second to last paragraphs of the chapter is when Golding’s descriptiveness is on full display. “The clear water mirrored the clear sky and the angular bright constellations” (pg. 170) makes the reader automatically think of a nighttime beach scene. This passage is so effective in descriptiveness because it really draws a picture in the readers mind. Perhaps even more descriptive and effective is the very next paragraph in the chapter. Golding finishes the chapter off strong by using descriptiveness such as: “along the shoreward edge of the shallows the advancing clearness was full of strange, moon-bodied creatures with fiery eyes.” With the use of these descriptive words, the reader of this chapter is painted a very intricate scene in the chapter. During the entire book, possibly threatening scenes are almost always present. In this chapter, when Simon goes to tell the boys about the beast, all of the boys mistake him for the beast and murder Simon. This is obviously threatening to Simon, but it is still incredibly dangerous to the rest of the boys. This part of the book could possibly the peak of the boys’ savagery, as they have stooped low enough to kill their own kind. Because of this, the possibility of even more injury was present. Another threatening part of the chapter is when Ralph and Piggy get involved with the rest of Jack’s tribe....
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