Lord of the Flies: What Do You Think of Ralph?

Topics: William Golding, Leadership, English-language films Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: June 23, 2013
What do you think of Ralph and the way he is presented?
Ralph is a character out of the Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding lord of the flies. Ralph is also the protagonist of the novel. Ralph is one of the biguns on the island and one of the eldest. By the way he is described throughout the book we can tell that he is around the age of twelve. Although not especially intelligent Ralph is described as tall for his age and attractive and shows more confidence than many on the island, he is also charismatic and shows obvious common sense and this helps him to become the chosen leader by the other boys and more importantly he has the conch. The Conch symbolises structure, order, civilisation and rescue from the island and it gives ultimate authority. From the very beginning of the novel Ralph represented leadership and he made a natural leader. As the novel progresses I think Ralph grows and develops and towards the beginning of the story Ralph is very confident, composed and relaxed about the whole idea of being stuck on this island. I think he begins out to be a typical boy and is thrilled and care-free to be on this island with no adults however Ralph soon loses his excitement about their independence and Ralph very quickly shows his good leadership, maturity and common sense when he begin to build shelters for himself the biguns and the littleuns even though only one other person Simon helps and his main focus becomes their survival and their rescue. Ralphs main focus becomes the fire. The fire symbolises hope for the boys being rescued. Whilst on the island Ralph only makes one close friend Piggy. Although not as spiteful as jack Ralph does begin by teasing and joining in with the other boys as they tease piggy however as the novel progresses we begin to see Ralph become more respectful and mature and we see that that Ralph begins to learn to accept piggy and actually values him and his opinion more than anyone else. He begins to show his true...
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