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Lord of the Flies Vocab

By Jletsche Nov 06, 2011 712 Words
ord of the flies vocabulary

Chapter 1:
Effulgence (p. 12)
A blinding light. The light was bouncing off the lagoon and was very bright. Heat becomes a threatening temperature. The sun shown with great effulgence. Decorous (p. 13)
Visible. Piggy was bubbling with lots of visible excitement. Dignified adj. The man decorously wore his suit. Pallid (p.20)
Weakly. Simon is a very shy person. Pale and lacking vitality adj. The pallid boy was in his basement for weeks. Bastion (p.27)
Guardian. The rock was like a fort and it sticks out. Something with a protective quality adj. The bed was like a bastion for a little boy Chapter 2:
Gesticulate (p.34)
Pondered. Ralph paused to think about what he was saying. To use gestures v. the man gesticulated so much that people became annoyed. Officious (p. 40)
Loud. Everyone was fighting and yelling. Aggressive adj. The officious cries came from the protestors. Chapter 3:
Castanets (p. 48)
Clicking noise. The pig’s hooves clicked on the ground. An instrument that makes clicking noises n. the castanets clicked in the women’s hands. Inscrutable (p. 48)
Unidentifiable. The creepers were laid across the trail in a messy way. Unidentifiable adj. The papers were in an inscrutable mess. Chapter 4:
Myriad (pg. 60)
Large amount. There are many creatures on the beach. A large amount adj. The myriad of children ate the cake. Malevolent (p. 71)
Hatred. Jack broke piggy’s glasses and is evil. Wishing harm to adj. The malevolent man broke his glasses. Gyration (p. 71)
Trance. Jack changed his manner as he was talking to Ralph. The action of moving circularly n. the top gyrated for 1 minute. Chapter 5:
Ineffectual (p. 79)
Not difference making. Piggy finishes his protesting. Without decisive effect adj. The ineffectual medicine just made him dizzy. Decorum (p. 89)
Sanity. When piggy shouts “nuts!” Dignified propriety of behavior adj. The hillbilly had no decorum. Chapter 6:
Diffident (p. 105)
Cautiously. Simon slows his pace when walking with Ralph. Looking confident with ones ability adj. The diffident man was an excellent basketball player. Causeway (p. 108)
A narrow bridge. They talk about a pass through the rocks. A raised road or path n. The causeway was raised to keep rain from pooling on it. Chapter 7:
Dun (p. 111)
Dark or dreary. He describes the sea as peaceful if it weren’t for the dreary ferns. Dull gray brown adj. The dun sky made me sad. Wallow (p. 111)
Bathe. He is fantasizing about bathing with soap. To roll around v. the pig wallowed in the mud. Traverse (p. 118)
Climb. The boys are climbing the cliff. To climb v. the mountain climber traversed the crevice Chapter 8:
Covert (p. 138)
Clearing. They stopped before the clearing where the pig was. A shelter or hiding spot n. the covert was where the deer was hiding. Cynicism (p. 140)
Evilness. The pig’s head had the evil of an adult world. Cynical character n. the man was full of cynicism. Parody (p. 147)
A lot of. The forest was full of laughter. Humorous imitation n. The parody was hilarious. Chapter 9:
Corpulent (p. 149)
Corpse like. It was like a corpse. Adj. large or bulky of body. The man was corpulent. Derision (p. 152)
Mockery. They were making fun of piggy. n. ridicule. The derision of the boys was piggy. Chapter 10:
Ungainly (p. 166)
Unsightly. It was the corpse. Adj. Awkward. The mans body shape was ungainly. Phosphorescence (p. 172)
Glowing. They were lit up. N. being luminous. The glow worms were phosphorescent. Chapter 11:
Myopia (p. 173)
Bad sight. Piggy needs glasses to see. n. near sightedness. The man had myopia. Propitiate (p. 177)
Approving. Ralph agreed with piggy. v. To make means of approval. The man never propitiated with the other man. Truculent (p. 182)
Chapter 12:
Ensconce (p. 196)
Burrow. He is hiding in it. V. settle snugly. The rabbit ensconced itself in its hole. Ululate (p. 194)
Cry out. Communication. V. howl. The wolf ululated.
Elephantine (p. 199)
Hugemongous. The huge rock was huge. Adj. Huge. Your mom is elephantine. Crepitate (p. 200)
Sound. He heard the loud sound. V. to make a crackling sound. The fire was crepitating.

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