Lord of the flies symbols
Topics: Science, Good and evil, Life, Human, Religion, Evil / Pages: 3 (510 words) / Published: Feb 16th, 2014

The sea - The sea is the barrier between civilisation and the seclusion on the island. In the poetic depiction of Simon’s death, it also represents an almost supernatural power far beyond the limited scope of the island community.

The island - The island represents good and evil. It stands for a new independent life without any adults who rule the childrens’ life. So it is like treasure island at first glance. The island is full of life - there are animals and lots of fruits to make food of. It has an idyllic effect which, however, is deceptive. - The fruits cause diarrhoea and stomach-aches. There is also the heat which is overwhelming. Some “littluns” are afraid of the island because of its alleged beasties, and therefore have nightmares. One part of the island is the jungle which shows the dangerous side of the island. The “boy with a mark”, presumably the first dead corpse, goes missing after he wa last seen entering it. - The “good” and the “evil” sides of the island are representative of human beings. Golding’s intention is “to reveal the potentiality of evil in any society and to show the end of innocence and the darkness of man’s heart.” - The island shows that besides mankind, nature can also change its face. But often changes in nature are caused by mankind. They boys make a fire in order to be rescued, but they do not notice that they destroy nature. Only Piggy is aware of the importance of nature and its relationship with human beings. - The island can also be seen as a location of an experiment. The children have to build up a society without adults, so they are dependent on themselves. But the experiment fails. Jack, once chapter chorister in the choir, becomes a cruel murderer with features which are similar to a dictator’s.

The fire - The fire is the most important thing on the island. It is a possibilty to be rescued, and therefore a medium to communicate, and represents at the same time the origin of mankind. The fire is even a tool to

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