Lord Of The Flies Symbol Essay

Topics: William Golding, Lord of the Flies, Desert island Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Kaitlyn Jackson
Mrs. Scott
English 9 H Period 3
18 November 2014
Lord of the Flies Symbol Essay
William Golding believes that “man produces evil as bees produce honey.” In the book Lord of the Flies Golding proves that men are evil savages. In the book, a group of boys from London crash land on a deserted island. They create two governments through the struggle for power. This results in the murder of three young boys. Before they were rescued, they burned down the island into destruction. The chubby, asthmatic boy wears glasses which represents intelligence. The glasses are thrown, stolen, misused, and shatter turning everyone ignorant. William Golding argues men are savages through the mistreatment of the symbolic Piggy’s glasses.Piggy’s glasses represent intelligence. Every time Piggy’s glasses flash and glimmer Piggy knows something that everyone else does not know. They allow him to see clearly and access the situation properly. He tells Ralph that no one is coming to get them because “they’re all dead.” He thinks that they are going to stay there until they die. This is true because three boys die and all of the people in London are dead. In the beginning of the book, Piggy’s glasses were as if they were brand new. They were not broken or scratched. Since the glasses represent intelligence, a lot of intelligence was present on the island. The boys were acting civilized and were making intelligent decisions. They were not close to becoming savages. This foreshadows the production of evil that Golding believes is in all of us. Toward the middle of the book Jack was on duty tending to the fire. He decided to leave and take the other boys watching it with him to hunt. The fire went out just as a ship passes the...
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