Lord of the Flies - Summery/Response

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Book Project Response Sheet

Lord of the Flies
January 14, 2009
Chapters 1-3



Throughout the first three chapters of Lord of the Flies, the boys gather together, and start to get organized. Ralph and Piggy are the first boys to meet up and by finding a conch shell they are able to use it as a symbol to gather the rest of the boys together. After electing Ralph as the leader, him, Simon, and Jack set off in an attempt to scope out the island and what it has to offer. Jack and his choirboys are elected as the hunters and designated to keep the watch fire on top of the mountain blazing as a symbol. Jack lets a pig escape so he sets off in an attempt to find more food, while Ralph and Simon work on shelters for the group to sleep in. After weeks of living together and competing with each others every move, Jack and Ralph accept that they mutually dislike each other, and although they try to rectify the hostility realize it is only continuing to grow. A “littun” from the first meeting that had spoke of a monster inhabiting the island disappears leaving the whole group a little hesitant and uneasy.


The first three chapters of Lord of the Flies are filled with confusion and the essence of how slow starting a community is. The reader is led through Ralph’s frustration regarding the boy’s unwillingness to listen to him or the other older members, and will not or do the responsible work that would satisfy the group’s needs. Contrasting this wearisome and painfully not cohesive group, the hunters start to form a bond and the “littuns” are carefree splashing in the ocean and playing games within the forest. Emotions run heavy throughout these opening chapters, allowing the reader to experience the fear, excitement, suspense, loneliness, hopelessness, and playfulness felt through the different characters. These chapters were successful in helping the...
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