"Lord of the Flies" Section 6 Pages 136- 170: Character Analysis.

Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: January 8, 2006
Page 136: "Piggy looked up miserably..." Piggy seems depressed since he isn't doing anything and is miserable. Also when he questions Ralph about the beast, he seems frightened.

Page 137: "I don't think we'd ever fight....." When Jack looked at the sand, this showed that he's full of himself, because he tells everyone that he so brave, but really he scared himself, but doesn't want to show it.

Page 137: "What about my hunters" "You been rude about his hunter" This statement shows that Jack is very protective of his hunters and that he cares about them.

Page 138: "He's like Piggy....." This shows that Jack seems to be jealous of the fact that Ralph and Piggy are good friends, and he's trying to make people against the two.

Page 139: "Hands up....." When no one puts their hand up to vote on Ralph not being a good chief, this shows that Ralph is a good chief since everyone except Jack wants him to be the chief. Also it shows that Jack is the only one with the problem and the only one who can't adjust to Ralph's rules.

Page 140: "Jack turned...." When Jack runs away from the situation this shows that he's a coward and a woos since he's the only one with the problem, and instead of dealing with it he just runs away.

Page 141: "Simon whispered......." This shows that Simon is a very shy and quiet person.

Page 141: "I said we could all do without...." Piggy is a very hopeful and positive person because he tries to bring the group some spirit, and move on after the whole Jack situation.

Page 144: "But we've got to have a....." Ralph is a very responsible and caring leader since he always makes sure that everyone is there.

Page 145: "He's cracked." Piggy makes fun of Simon, but does it a nice way, this shows that he's considerate, since he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Page 145: "Simon had passed through......" Simons isn't a smart person since he juff by himself even though there's a beast

Page 146: "I say this........" Jack is...
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