Lord of the Flies: Ralph vs. Jack

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I) He is a civilized leader who fights for rules and order in the island. a) In chapter 8, Ralph steps up to the chaos that was going on in the meeting and complain that he is the chief. He is the one who always calls assemblies and meetings: "All this talk! Talk, talk! Who wanted it? Who called the meeting?" Usually, in situation of survival such as this one, people yearn for power. When someone becomes a leader, after a certain time, they start to aspire and look for more. Nevertheless, Ralph wishes to call an assembly every week. He does not like to decide things on his own. He fights for a constructive liberal and democratic society. b) “Jack! Jack! You haven’t got the conch! Let him speak.”All along the story, Ralph continues to abide by the rules that were formed in the beginning. For example, whoever possesses the conch, has the right to speak. He is always the one to defend Piggy’s right to speak. Ralph has strong commitment to equality and justice.

c) In the Fifth Chapter, the Jack starts arguing and mocking Piggy, when Ralph shouts: “The rules!You’re breaking the rules! The rules are the only thing we’ve got!” Ralph demands order in the tribe. He fights against chaos, a place where people do whatever they want. He is constantly trying to input organization and limits.

II) Ralph’s power lays on the conch and his creative ideas that try to create a better place. In chapter one, Ralph blows the shell and all the boys gather and cooperate to be rescued. The boys see Ralph as a leader because of the fact that he is always holding the conch. And since the conch represents power and order, they are likely to assimilate those qualities with Ralph. Especially for the kids, since they need authority. He is the boy who had the idea of building the huts on the beach (shelter), encourages to keep the fire going, organized what each boy will be responsible for, and making a clock to use it as a reference during the day. Ralph...
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