Lord of the Flies Questions

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Year 10 Comprehension Questions

Lord Of The Flies

1. Ralph is elected chief because he wins the vote. Ralph wins the vote because of the power he possesses, the size of him, his attractive appearance and the fact that he has the conch. The election symbolizes the small community that is forming “Lets have a vote.” Page 30, Chapter 1

2. Golding introduces the choir in the first chapter; he does this by having Ralph blow on the conch so the boys in the choir come to look what it was. Golding first introduces the boys in a creative manner. He introduces them as a creature. “With the diamond haze of the beach, something dark was fumbling along.” Page 26, Chapter 1. This introduction as a dark creature foreshadows the darkness that the choir will boast further along in the story line. Golding then introduces them as a group, all wearing the same attire, all following the choir leader, Jack Merridew.

3. The setting in Golding’s novel is an island, which exhibits many features of a Paradise. “The shore was fledged with palm trees.” Page 14, Chapter 1. The island setting also has a dark side to it. The dark side has been burnt by the fire. The dark side is mainly forest. “Behind this was the darkness of the forest proper and the open space of the scar.” Page 14, Chapter 1.

4. Throughout the small government and community that is forming, there will be problems. Some of these problems include the age of the community, as they are at such a young age, they will not be able to make smart decisions together and they will always be fighting amongst each other. I also believe that there will be problems between Jack and Ralph. This is because they both want to be the leader of the community. “Jack’s in charge of the choir. They can be-what do you want them to be?” Page 31, Chapter 1. This quote shows how Jack is in charge of the choir. With Jack, the head of the choir, he...
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