Lord of the Flies Notes

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Lord of the Flies
Conflict between Ralph and Jack, the betrayal
Theme Civilisation vs Savagery
Ralph takes responsibility of the group and decided rules bust be forbidden and followed Ralph ‘rules are the only thing we’ve got’
A strong friendship between Ralph and Jack is formed: ‘smiled at each other with shy liking’ There friendship becomes stronger when they both decide to take charge. However the friendship spirals and breaks when Jack breaks the rules. He wants to hunt and destruct the island and reveals to Ralpg that he will not ‘play any longer’ ‘not with you’. By now Jack sis more focused on killing and destruction – he lets the fire burn out but furthermore Ralph can’t understand why ‘things are breaking up’. This is when we first realise the conflict and betrayal of the characters, Jack breaks the Rules that Ralph set, and Ralph reacts. One by one Ralph’s group slips away and joins Jacks hunting group. Jack tries to implicit that Ralph is no leader as ‘he says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief’ Unfortunately leads to the death of Simon as they think he is the beast. They steal Piggy’s glasses to light there camp fire. When Piggy and Ralph got to retrieve the glasses, they take the conch hoping that it will remind Jack of his authority. The conch is taken from Ralph and it ‘exploded into a thousand white fragments and cease to exist’ Piggy is killed and Ralph runs from Jack, whose group are going to hunt Ralph. ‘Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart’ – this shows true portrayal as he hunts for his former partner.
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