lord of the flies need for law and order in soceity

Topics: William Golding, Good and evil, TED Pages: 3 (1956 words) Published: April 27, 2014

Essay 1:
Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Spill his blood, Do him in! Kill the beat! Cut his throat! Spill his blood, do him in! A common phrase seen throughout the entire novel. It was a very fun and amusing phrase that was used for hunting, however later the phrase wasn’t as amusing when the phrase became a blinding phrase for blood, and Murder by complete savages that were once, respectable high top young British boys. Why did they change? What made them turn into savages? 

Peer pressure was one of the reasons. Peer pressure was basically seen every time the story focused upon Jack’s group, otherwise known as his “hunters”. No one wanted to mess with Jack as he had a very negative attitude towards anyone around him. Jack merridew was very demanding and cruel to those who were not in his tribe. All the boys who were stranded on the island were all well behaved and had a strong communication bond between one another, until Jack merridew decided that Ralph being a leader and chief of everyone on the island will mean no fun, and no hunting, so in the end of chapter eight, Jack call’s an assembly to tell all in favor of being in Jack merridew’s hunters to join him to the opposite end of the island to what was called “castle rock”. In the book, Ralph and piggy are victims of peer pressure. It’s a very delicate situation for Ralph and piggy because it’s not safe to be outside the tribe. Ralph and piggy need to be a part of the tribe to insure safety like in chapter 9,Ralph and piggy joined in the reenacting the hunting dance for the hunt of the boar, chanting and dancing along the fire just because Ralph and piggy were hungry for good, hot, nourishing protein. Going crackers, wacky and crazy because they are just children and there was no grown up to be seen is no excuse for their behavior, but are they individually responsible for their actions? 

At the end of the novel, chapter 12, Ralph weeps “for the end of innocence ‘which is a way the book shows the...
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