Lord of the Flies Movie Review

Topics: Lord of the Flies, Balthazar Getty, United States Marine Corps Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: September 26, 2011
An aircraft carrying young military school cadets returning home crash lands into the sea near a remote, uninhabited, jungle island Paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Among the survivors is the pilot, Captain Benson (Michael Greene), who is seriously injured and delirious. Meanwhile, on the beach, a fat cadet, nicknamed “Piggy” (Danuel Pipoly), finds a conch seashell and takes it to the grouped cadets, who adopt it to signal the right to speak and be heard by the group. The senior cadet, and one of the elder boys, Cadet LT. Colonel Ralph (Balthazar Getty), organizes a meeting to discuss surviving their predicament. Ralph and Jack (Chris Furrh) emerge dominant, with Ralph's seniority in rank making him the one in charge. Tensions begin to grow between Ralph and Jack, however, and the group gradually becomes divided between the two leaders. One night, as they sleep, the delusional Capt. Benson escapes from them into the jungle, eventually making his way to a cave deep inland. Later, one of the boys, Tony, in the darkness of the cave, mistakes Capt. Benson for a wild animal and kills him. Jack, tired of listening to Ralph and Piggy, leaves and forms his own camp, taking many of the boys with him. Expecting to be rescued, Ralph's civilized leadership establishes a permanent signal-fire to alert passing ships of their presence on the island. Not expecting to be rescued, Jack's savage leadership adapts to circumstance; he establishes his camp as spear-bearing hunters who provide meat to both camps. They kill a wild pig and leave its head as an offering to "the monster" that they believe is in the cave. One night, using a glow stick, cadet Simon (James Badge Dale) explores the cave where the “monster” was killed, and discovers the cadaver of Capt. Benson. He runs to alert the boys of his discovery. In the ensuing hysteria, Simon's waving of the light frightens the other boys, who mistake him for the monster and stab him to death with their spears as Ralph and Piggy watch in...
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