Lord of the Flies Literary Analysis

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“Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!” One of the first examples of the loss of innocence and emergence of a savage culture between the boys is demonstrated in this quote; the initial loss occurring during the killing of the pig, the emergence of savagery in the reenactment of the hunt. The natural degeneration of the order of the inner culture of the boys versus what little democratic opposition they have within that culture is the key symbolic theme of the Lord of the Flies.

One of the first, larger violent section of the book is the reenactment of the hunt of the pig. In reference to the introduction, the near death of one of the boys, Robert, is essential to the momentum of chaos that ensues throughout the novel. The savage loss of consciousness that was clearly shown in the quote begins to emphasize Golding’s theme that can be derived from this point in the book, but is demonstrated in further traumatic, symbolic detail later in the book. Along with the growth of violence throughout the novel, there is also the underlying theme of corruption stealing innocence; the two progress hand in hand.

Another example of evolutionary violence in the novel is the killing of Simon. Although it is an accident, much like with Robert, the death has similar qualities to the first accident. “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!” echoes the same savage violence of the first. Before his death, Simon has his vision with the Lord of the Flies himself, the bloody pig’s head on display in the middle of the previously serene eden, which again symbolizes more corruption in the once innocent circle of lost children. Simon finds that the corruption is not a tangible entity, but is inside the mind of every one of the boys on the island.

The last proof of devolution to point out is the physical struggle of Jack and Ralph. During the fighting, the conch shell is destroyed and Piggy is knocked to his brutal death by one of the hunters. The...
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