Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: Kill, William Golding, Patrick Swayze Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: October 12, 2013
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“Lord of the Flies”- by William Golding
They way people are and the way they respond to different situations, places etc... Make them who they are. This can be affected by everything they have learnt about life and essentially behavior since they were just a toddler. Ultimately people choose what they do based on what is in their nature to do. In the novel “Lord of the Flies” By William Golding the characters all show their complete true nature and drives, because of what they have learnt in the society they had lived in. But as they boys stay on the island there personalities truly come out. And there is little left of rules of society to correct them. Some of the characters reveal their true personality and nature more than the others; they are Jack, Simon and Roger. All of which are completely different. Simon is quite different to Jack. Simon shows the clarity of innocence in people and he is uncomplicated. For example Simon goes up and investigated the mountain for the beast a second time because he didn’t believe that it was a “Beastie”. And when he went up there he found that he was right that is was just a parachute and that they didn’t need to be fearful of the mountain. ‘”I think we ought to climb the mountain.” The circle shivered with dread. Simon broke off and turned to Piggy who was looking at him with an expression of derisive incomprehension. “What’s the good of climbing up to this here beast when Ralph and the other two couldn’t do anything?” Simon whispered his answer “What else is there to do?”’(Page 159) .This shows that Simon was still thinking straight unlike his other companions he could see things for what they really were. He didn’t believe that there was a “Beast” and if he did he wasn’t really afraid of it. Simon is a very innocent character he refused to eat the meat from the pig Jack first caught. ‘“Eat damn you!” He glared at Simon “Take it!”’ (Page 92) Simon was uncomfortable with eating the pig which Jack...
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