Lord of the Flies Essay

Topics: William Golding, World War I, The Lord of the Rings Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The Lord of the Flies: Summer Reading Essay

Although the novel The Lord of the Flies is about once innocent, young boys; it later suggests itself as a story of a impending apocalypse and major social issues. Author William Golding has a colorful and incomparable way of steering the novel in two or more directions in which the final speech of the novel is left open for the reader to decide. But also knowing the time frame in which the book was set helped me to decide the overall message of the novel.

The novel itself is very thought provoking, because throughout the book, we receive hints and different feels for why and what this book was written about, and what Golding was trying to tell or teach the reader. The author has many ways to suggest to the reader that the story is of an impending apocalypse. I believe that Golding has a very unique and figurative way of showing the reader what, how, and why the world would be ending in such a way. There is great fear, the lack of authority, and the lack of disorganization and a leader, which are great social issues. Without these things, the author has made a reference statement that mankind will not survive. But the reader has to search deeper to find literal and figurative examples. Throughout the novel there is great fear between the boys. The story tells that the main source of fear for the young boys is “The Beast”. It is said to be seen at various times throughout the days and to be heard. The first time I read the words explaining the creature I thought it was literally a creature trying to attack the boys. But not until I finished the novel did I realize that maybe that was not the case. It makes sense to me now that most likely being by yourself, on an island, with no authority, is frightening. And after a while, normally, someone would start to hallucinate. And the fear of being by yourself on a deserted island is enough, as well as is not knowing everything that may exist there. To me, the so...
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