Lord of the flies Critical Essay

Topics: William Golding, Desert island, Lord of the Flies Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Lord of the Flies
“Lord of the Flies” by William Golding is a stimulating novel that tells the story of a group of young boys stranded on a deserted island. The young boys soon realise that some form of leadership must be established in order for them to develop their idea of civilisation. The group’s descent into savagery meets some of the characters inevitable ends, as the society created at the beginning of the novel- crumbles due to Jack and Ralph’s alpha male rivalry. During the novel, one of the characters encounters a surprising turning point that helps him transform into a blood-thirsty savage. Jack Merridew is first introduced in the novel as the leader of a choir walking along the beach. The character already shows signs of leadership when he commands his choir to stop and they immediately obey. His arrogance is shown when he yells orders like “choir! Stand still!” He is also a very rude boy especially when he first meets a fat boy named Piggy- he insults him and says, “You’re talking too much. Shut it Fatty.” Picking on the only unattractive boy in the island, Jack’s relationship with Piggy ends with a bloody death when Ralph and Piggy confront him at Castle Rock towards the end of the novel. When it came to voting for a chief, Jack nominated himself and his superiority over the choir group came into play. Out of loyalty, they voted for him. “With dreary obedience the choir raised their hands.” This shows that Jack intimidates the members of the choir and are very frightened of voting for Ralph. Jack’s relationship with the rest of the island is the same as the relationship he has with Piggy. His treatment towards others becomes more and more severe as the story develops. Jack’s characteristics already showed him to be leader but he was always thwarted by Ralph. His cockiness made him sure that he was more than worthy of being leader- after all he was head boy of the school and could sing C sharp. When he loses the election, “Jack’s face...
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