Lord of the Flies Characters

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Character Descriptions:
Ralph is twelve years old blond haired boy. He is described as being built "like a boxer," and is initially chosen as leader because he is well liked by the majority of the group. Jack and Ralph seem to disagree throughout the entire novel. While Ralph is trying to keep reason and order, Jack is trying to take his power. Ralph shows that he is “fair” both on the outside as well as the inside as a leader. Pg. 80calls order

1st chapteruses conch for everyone
Pg. 1fair-haired

Jack is about Ralph's age, with a skinnier build and red hair. His freckled face is described as being "ugly without silliness." From the very beginning, he seems to manifest emotions of anger and savagery. In the start of the novel, he is the leader of his choir group, who later become hunters as the book progresses. His savage personality and ability to tell people what they want to hear allows him to overtake Ralph as chief. Pg. 40not caring about rescue focused on the savageness

Pg. 37mean to piggy

Piggy is a short and fat boy who wears glasses and represents reason and good sense. He tries very hard to cleave to civilization, and tries his best to keep order. While probably the smartest boy on the island, he doesn’t have any social skills, and has trouble communicating or fitting in with the others. His glasses are a very important part of the book, and are used over and over to start fires, which symbolize hope or rescue. 118why do you hate me? Very direct/socially inept

Roger is a small boy with dirty black hair and represents evilness. He has no mercy when it comes to the other boys, specifically when it comes to crushing Piggy. He even enjoys doing it. Roger follows Jack and willingly and gladly carries out all of his orders. Pg62-roger throws the rocks

Simon is youngest of the main characters. He is very good and true, and has the most positive outlook on things. He persists and says multiple times that they will get rescued,...
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